Data-corpus / Project (Script)

Each script is represented by a project. It is the superordinate element and can be provided with information such as author, director, type of film, etc. This makes it easier to find a specific project or script.
Subordinated to the project are the scenes, which in turn contain a list of the occurring roles.

In the Project View either the scenes (with the child roles) or the roles (with the scenes in which they occur) can be displayed, so that the appropriate view is available for each task.
In addition, filter options make navigation easier: For example, you can limit the display to the scenes or roles of a specific day of shooting (see scene).

Images, annotations and addresses can be useful additions to the project.

A new project can be created on the basis of a file (script text as PDF or text file) or a text that is on the clipboard. Furthermore, it is possible to create an „empty“ project, whose scenes and roles are (resp. must be) added to manual afterwards.

To open a project, you can sort the list of all projects by various criteria and in ascending or descending order:

  • Name of project (script)
  • Date of creation
  • Date of last modification
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