Version 1.0.707/13/2010 actual release
  • Security Update: security vulnerability while downloading profiles removed
Version 1.0.607/12/2010
  • Bugfixes:
    • help was not displayed
    • error importing pictures
Version 1.0.506/03/2010
  • Bugfix: solving start problem
Version 1.0.406/02/2010
  • improved handling
  • bugfixes
  • help adapted
Version 1.0.305/31/2010
  • essential improved order procedure (one-click-order)
  • automated download of profiles
  • help adapted
Version 1.0.205/30/2010
  • further bugfixes
  • new function of analysis: save premature state
  • new profile property: max word count (role)
  • help adapted
Version 1.0.105/27/2010
  • small bugfixes
  • new help topics
Version 1.005/25/2010Initial release
Version 0.9-rc05/06/2010Release candidate

Besides improving versions 1.x we work on further development. You can look forward to:

Version 2.0planned
  • Joining projects (in case of script versioning)
  • Further enhancement of analysis
  • Further enhancement of handling
  • Probably automatically recognition of role gender with the aid of name lists (related to the following point)
  • Plugins: e.g. list of words to exclude, name lists
  • Completion of printing (e.g. PDF creation as alternative)


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