ScriptCut! — What's that?

Motivated by Bundesvereinigung Maskenbild we have developed a program that can analyze screenplay texts (as PDF or text file) semi-automatically and thus filter out individual scenes and roles and assign them to each other.

From an unstructured text, our software thus extracts structured data for further processing and thus offers a significant advantage: All basic data are collected automatically and does not have to be entered manually — a time-consuming work step without added value is no longer necessary.

When designing the user interface we attached particular importance to the clear arrangement of the control elements. Active and dimmed buttons and menus guide you through all steps in an uncomplicated way. Of course, helpful hints are immediately available for each step.

In this first version, the program has been adapted to the special requirements of the work of the make-up artists. But it's already so universal, that it also offers advantages and benefits to other film professionals.

Of course you can also add new scenes and roles with ScriptCut! and thus write and provide entire scripts in the correct form.

Programming was done in Java SE; the software can therefore be used on all modern operating systems (Windows from XP, MAC OS-X from 10.4, Linux).

The current version is available for you in the download area.

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