ScriptCut! - what is it?

Motivated by the externer Link Bundesvereinigung Maskenbild (confederation of make-up artists in Germany) we are developing an application which facilitates the work of make-up artists in a substantial way. In dissociation from other applications of this kind it is possible thereby to analyse film script texts, which come from PDF or text files, in a partially automated way to extract scenes and roles and link to each other.

This step, that splits a relatively unstructured text (formatting as paragraphs, centering or bold text – that catches humans eyes – are lost by the assumption of the text e.g. out of a PDF document!) into structured data for the further treatment and linkage, is a substantial advantage and saves much trouble. Without this, all data would have to entered manually, a time-consuming work procedure without creation of value.

With the organisation of the user interface we pay special attention to an intuitive arrangement of control elements. The individual work procedures are opened by activation or fade out of particular control elements. In addition a context sensitive help is implemented, so in case of any ambiguity the solution can be found quickly.

The program in this first version is tailored to the special requirements of make-up artist's work, but is however already universal enough that also other interested film professionals may profitably use it. It is written in Java (JRE 5), running on all modern operating systems (Windows starting from XP, MAC OS-X starting from 10.4, Linux).

The current release is available in the download area.

ScriptCut icon: film reels