Download and installation for Linux / all operating systems

(using the example of ubuntu)

Click with the right mouse button on the link in the line Linux of the table and from the context menu choose „Save linked content as…“:

Select the entry „Desktop“ at „Save to Folder“ and then click „Save“ (of course you can also choose a different location, the following steps should then be carried out analogously):

On the desktop (or in the other directory you selected) you will now find the ZIP archive ScriptCut_x.exe (x stands for the respective version, in the example 1.0.0), which you open by double-clicking:

Drag the file ScriptCut.jar with pressed left mouse button to the desktop:

Now you can start the program by double-clicking on the desktop (the file may be deleted):

See also:

If you have problems with the installation or start-up, please contact us, we are happy to help you!

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