Download and installation for Windows

(using the example of Windows 7 / Opera)

Click with the right mouse button on the link in the line Linux of the table and from the context menu choose „Save linked content as…“:

Select the entry „Desktop“ at „Save to Folder“ and then click „Save“ (of course you can also choose a different location, the following steps should then be carried out analogously):

On the desktop (or in the other directory you selected) you will now find the ZIP archive ScriptCut_x.exe (x stands for the respective version, in the example 1.0.0), which you open by double-clicking:

Follow the usual installation instructions of the installer:

Now you can start the program by double-clicking on the desktop (the installation package scriptcut_x.exe may be deleted):

See also:

If you have problems with the installation or start-up, please contact us, we are happy to help you!

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