Single license:
150,- €
6…10 licenses:
130,- € (per license)
ab 11 licenses:
120,- € (per license)

The prices are exclusive of value added tax.

Members of the Bundesvereinigung Maskenbild get their personal license for free.

Save 50% of the price when purchasing a single license by becoming beta tester!

Demo version / Full version

Without an unlock code the software works as demo version, in which you can manage a project with up to 10 scenes and roles. Objects (scenes, roles, addresses) can be linked to a maximum of two images.
Even with these restrictions you can test the program extensively and gain a comprehensive impression of the function and operation.

By purchasing a license, you simply convert your demo version to a full version. A new installation is not necessary, already captured data are retained.

Simply create a purchase order in the licensing dialog and send it to the mail address given there. You will receive an invoice from us with value added tax and details of the bank account details.

After the amount has been credited to our account, we will send you an unlock code by e-mail, which you please enter in the licensing dialog. Voilà!

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