The object „role“ distinguishes several attributes:

  • name of role
  • number of role
  • actress, actor
  • link to contact details
  • gender
  • timeline of plot
  • list of scenes (maintained by the program)
  • comments, images

By linking to contact details (see also: address book) one can attach information bound to an actor (phone number, agency, size) to a role to have quick access in case of a required callback. Because contact details are maintained separately, no repeatedly input of data is necessary: once registered, it is sufficient to make the linkage.

The timeline of plot is intended to have some evidences how to modify a character in case of plots covering long periods (aging).

With comments and images one can add further information to a role, e.g. shots of persons and their hairstyle or artificial scars. This can help to avoid inaccuracies in case of producing subsequent scenes on different shooting days. Quality of movie may be improved thereby.

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