The object „scene“ holds several attributes:

  • title of scene (location)
  • scene number (double-stage, see below)
  • ambience (inside, outside)
  • daytime (day, night, dawn)
  • continued (yes/no)
  • synopsis
  • number of production day
  • date of shooting day
  • place of production
  • timeline of plot
  • cancelled
  • protected
  • list of roles occurring (maintained by the program)
  • script text
  • comments, images

The double-stage numbering of scene numbers (1, 2, 2.A, 2.B, 3, …) provides maintenance of revised script versions. It occurs again and again, that shortly before production start (or even during the production!) scenes are stroked out and others supervenes. In these revised scripts removed scenes are mostly still present (but marked as obsolete) and new paragraphs are numbered with an additional mark to the leading scene number.

Shooting day, production date and production place may be entered to create a further order criteria which is beneficial for generation of special reports. Thereby you have the ability to generate a worksheet with all acting roles and notes for a shooting day where (e.g.) scenes 2 to 5, as well as 10 and 17 will shot.

Timeline of plot (relatively to start of the story) was provided to have some evidences in case of plots covering longer periods (e.g. history plots), how characters to be modified. This information is strongly relevant for make-up artists because actors have to »age« artificially.

The script text is shown in formatted form, that is scene title and roles are highlighted.

Cancelled scenes are marked in project view and can hidden by request throuh filtering. The possibility to protect scenes against unwanted editing is helpful during checkup of script. These scenes are also marked and can be hidden.

With comments and images one can add further information to a scene, e.g. shots of persons and their clothes. This can help to avoid inaccuracies in case of producing subsequent scenes on different production days. Quality of movie may be improved thereby.

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