Script analysis

The outstanding advantage of the application ScriptCut! is the ability to analyse scripts (semi-)automatic to disassemble the text to scenes and attributive roles.

Background of that major step are script profiles defining possible structures of scripts. Primarily that is the construction of scene title: where is the scene number, where the location and where the ambience. Accessorily one have to define how to detect a role (e.g. by uppercase letters only) and which marks are used for ambience (e.g. INT, EXT) and time (e.g. MORNING, DAY, EVENING, NIGHT). By the possibility to define alternatives one can easily react to spelling mistakes. In this way, the program »learns« step by step to distinguish different formats of scripts.

Based on these rules the script text – unstructured at this moment – can be analysed and splitted. As the result you get a list of scenes and a list of roles, linked to each other. The linkage forms the basis of comfortable working with the material in future and the creation of several reports as a base on set.

Internally ScriptCut! stores the marks in an own format to ensure data exchange and presentation in different languages (English and German in basic version, Spanish planned).

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