Film script / Project

The Project is the basic element, in other words: every film script is presented by a project. Project can hold information like author, director, kind of film etc., which makes it easy to find a particular film script or project later on. Subordinated the project are scenes that holds a list of roles occurring.

In Project view scenes (with occurring roles) or roles (with scenes, where they occur) can be the leading elements, so that you have a suitable view for every renouncement. Besides that, the possibility to use filters simplify navigation: you can reduce the view of scenes to those matching a particular day of production (see: scene), for instance.

You can link comments and images to a project.

A new project can be created based on a file (text of script as PDF or text file) or on a text form computer's clipboard. Aside, you can create a »empty« project, it's scenes and roles have to add manually thereafter.

To open a project the listing of existing projects can be sorted by several criteria:

  • name of script
  • creation date
  • last update.

Filters offer additionally comfort: with that you can enter the director's name if you looking for an anterior script, which's title you forgot.

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