The program was specially designed for use on different operating systems:

  • Windows (XP or later)
  • Mac OS-X (10.4. or later)
  • Linux

This makes it available to a wide range of users.

The licensing is per workstation under your name and e-mail address. For further details please refer to the download area.

The software requires the Java-Runtime-Environment (JRE 5 or later), which can be obtained free of charge from the website of Oracle: Java SE Download.

The program ScriptCut! requires no installation and leaves no traces in your system (except for the data it manages).

If you decide to stop using the program (which we would regret), simply delete all projects and then the program file.

More technical details

Despite the database character of the stored data, they are stored in simple text files, so that in case of problems, corrections at the operating system level are easily possible. This increases the robustness of the program. An additional advantage of this method is that no additional database drivers are required.

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